The Saroufim Family founded the 1st office in 1957 as factories representative supplying the Lebanese market with various products from Europe particularly from Italy.

In 1969, they opened their first showroom selling sanitary ware, ceramic tiles & central heating.

in 1978, an export office was established in Milan, Italy and in mid 1980, it became the major shareholder in one of the most reputable sanitary ware manufacturers in Italy.


The new generation of the Saroufim Family is still attached to the same industry.

After 15 years in Dubai in the same line of business, Gassan Saroufim, decided to return and continue his family's legacy in Lebanon.

Ghassan Invested in a new showroom in Dekwaneh.

Dealing with major European and Asian products, which consist of sanitary ware, ceramic tiles, accessories, bathroom mirros, mixers and cabinets.

Saroufim is the sole agent of Olympia sanitary for more than 15 years, an Italian manufacturer having their factory in Corchiano, Rome; very keen on producing quality products with state of art designs.


The company is committed to the industry by introducing the latest technology and designs for the Lebanese market by ensuring the best service and offering great quality at a competitive price.

We invite all the professionals and individual consumers to visit our showroom in Dekwaneh where they can see our wide range of products that offer something for all taste, style and budget.